Refrigerator Storage Box Drainable
Refrigerator Storage Box Drainable
Refrigerator Storage Box Drainable
Refrigerator Storage Box Drainable

Refrigerator Storage Box Drainable

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Product Description

The best way to keep your food clean, hygienic and free from moisture, is to use our refrigerator storage box drainable. This refrigerator storage box is quite significant in keeping your vegetables, fruits and other left over food fresh. As it will separate the moisture from the food keeping molds and other types of bacterial away. This way your food will live long and will feel much more fresh.

Our Refrigerator Storage Box offers more than just storage – it's a versatile solution designed to keep your produce fresher for longer. With its unique drainable design, this box allows excess moisture to drain away, preventing soggy fruits and vegetables and extending the shelf life of your perishables.

Experience the convenience of our Refrigerator Crisper Drawers. The drainable feature ensures that your produce stays fresh and crisp, while the transparent design allows you to easily see the contents of the box, so you can quickly find what you need without rummaging through your fridge.

But the benefits of our Refrigerator Storage Box extend beyond just produce storage. Use it to store leftovers, deli meats, cheeses, or any other perishable items that need to be kept fresh. The durable construction and versatile design make it a practical and stylish addition to any refrigerator.

Upgrade your food storage with our Food Storage Containers. Whether you're a busy parent, a meal prep enthusiast, or someone who loves to entertain, this drainable storage box is the perfect solution for keeping your fridge organized and your produce fresh. Say goodbye to wilted greens and hello to crisp, crunchy vegetables with our Refrigerator Storage Box Drainable.

Enhance your kitchen efficiency with our Vegetable Storage Box. Stylish, practical, and easy to use, it's the perfect addition to any refrigerator. Invest in quality organization and elevate your food storage experience today!

Style: light luxury

Product Category: Refrigerator Storage Box

Function: storage, preservation, sealing, draining

3* Household Drainable Food Storage Box

1* Stacked storage box with handle

28 refrigerator storage crisper

Name: Refrigerator Storage Box

Material: PP+PET

Fresh storage

Your storage expert

Highly transparent storage box with lid, thickened material


Handle design

Easy access to small spaces

Ergonomic arc handle, easy to pull and take


Sealed with lid

Anti-smell and keep fresh

Good sealing prevents moisture loss and keeps food fresh for longer


Free stacking

Stable and does not take up space

High-transparency material, fast retrieval, clear classification and placement


Classification and storage

Fresh and not smelly

Keep fresh at all times, isolate peculiar smell, do not smell


Free stacking

Placing stable and tilting

The top is deepened and the groove is superimposed to be stable and not easy to fall

Save space without taking up space


Dirt-resistant and easy to clean

Easy to clean

Detachable design, large-caliber cleaning is more convenient


Record retention period

Fresh and healthy eating


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