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Fun Small Alarm Dragon Clock | Love gadgets
Pink Color Fun Small dragon alarm clock | Love gadgets
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Pink Color Fun Small dragon clocks | Love gadgets
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Fun Dragon Small Alarm

Funny Little Alarm Dragon Clock

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Product Description

Introducing the XR-MM-C2007 Dragon Clock, a fusion of innovative design and advanced functionality. Crafted from high-quality ABS, PC, and Silicone materials, this dragon-inspired timepiece seamlessly combines artistry with utility.

With a power rating of 1.25W (24*0.052/LED module) and a 1500mAh (18650 cylindrical) battery, it ensures lasting performance.

These Dragon Clocks come complete with essential components: the mesmerizing host, a comprehensive manual, and a versatile USB cable for seamless connectivity. Powered by a reliable 300mA current and DC5V voltage, it boasts a compact size of 8.811.811.5cm. Experience our dragon alarm clock the convenience of the Charging Indication feature, with a red light signaling, active charging and turning off when the battery is full.

Navigate dragon wall clock through the intuitive screen display offering various modes, including the Energy Saver Mode, Always On Mode with external USB power supply, and a customizable Time Mode in both 12/24-hour formats.

Stay informed with temperature displays in Celsius/Fahrenheit and wake up to 5 distinct alarm ringtones at adjustable volume levels. Elevate your space with the XR-MM-C2007 Dragon Clock, the epitome of elegance and functionality among dragon clocks, dragon alarm clocks, and dragon wall clocks. Timekeeping has never been this captivating!

Product Category: Alarm Clock

Product model: XR-MM-C2007

Product material: ABS+PC+Silicone

Rated power: 1.25W (24*0.052/LED module)

Product standard configuration: host × 1 + manual × 1 + USB cable × 1

Rated current: 300mA

Rated voltage: DC5V

Battery capacity: 1500mAh (18650 cylindrical)

Product size: 8.8*11.8*11.5cm

Charging indication: The red light (charging) is off (full).

Screen display

Energy Saver Mode: Tap to wake, display turns off after 20 seconds

Always on mode: external USB power supply

Time mode: 12/24 hour clock

Temperature display: Celsius / Fahrenheit

Alarm ringtones: 5 (volume level: 1-5)

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