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Wall Cuckoo Clock Alarm

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Product Description

Announcing our Nordic-inspired Wall Cuckoo Clock, a timeless masterpiece that skillfully fuses contemporary design with enduring functionality. While this clock isn't your traditional mini cuckoo Clock, it beautifully encapsulates the Nordic aesthetic with its tower-like structure, making it a striking addition to various spaces like your living room, bedroom, study, office, kitchen, bathroom, or any public area.

Meticulously fashioned with a 3mm thick wooden casing, this wall cuckoo clock bird emanates both resilience and refinement. Its sleek plastic mirror surface adds an air of sophistication, complementing the HD-1688 electronic movement from China that guarantees precise timekeeping.

Displaying time with a single-sided presentation featuring both pointers and numbers, this modern cuckoo clock offers a stylish reinterpretation of conventional timepieces. Fueled by batteries and employing a dependable electronic movement, it seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.

Though it doesn't mimic the traditional Hummel cuckoo clock with its bird sounds, it embodies the essence of modern cuckoo clocks. Elevate your space with the allure of a contemporary wall clock that flawlessly harmonizes style and practicality. Whether you seek a mini cuckoo clock, a Hummel cuckoo clock, or a cuckoo alarm clock, this Nordic-inspired marvel transcends expectations, reshaping your perception of timekeeping.


Product category: Wall Clock

Double sided: single sided

Style: Nordic

Appearance design: tower shaped

Applicable places: living room, bedroom, study, office, kitchen, bathroom, public places

Display type: pointer+number

Display screen type: ordinary

Waterproof: No

Power type: battery

Movement type: electronic

Origin of movement: China

Movement model: HD-1688

Thickness: 3mm

Shell material: wood

Mirror material: plastic mirror surface

Dial material: plastic

Wall clock: Yes

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cuckoo alarm clock back part
cuckoo alarm clock right and left side
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Machine core movement with cuckoo clock
Medium paper paller packing CUCKOO CLOCK
CUCKOO CLOCK Quality inspection report
modern cuckoo clock Process material
Medium density fiberboard

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