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Product Description

Introducing our exquisite Acrylic Clock, a masterful fusion of timekeeping and artistic brilliance tailored for your living space. Meticulously fashioned from premium mirror acrylic material boasting a sleek 1MM thickness, this remarkable Acrylic Wall Clock serves not only as a timepiece but also as a stunning wall sticker, adding a personalized touch to your home décor.

This living room wall clock is Available in gold, silver, red, and black, the Acrylic Clock exudes sophistication, effortlessly elevating the ambiance of any room. This 3D wall clock’s imaginative design, enhanced by eco-friendly laser processing, amplifies its visual allure. The user-friendly self-adhesive feature simplifies installation, allowing customization with a generous diameter of 50*50CM.

Operated by a universal 5th carbon battery (not included), this decorative marvel transforms your living room into a chic sanctuary. Whether as a living room wall clock or TV wall adornment, the Acrylic Clock redefines conventional timepieces, infusing your walls with captivating 3D artistry. Embrace this seamless blend of functionality and artistic expression with our Acrylic Clock, unlocking walls as vibrant canvases of creativity.

Product category: Wall Clock

Product name: acrylic wall sticker wall clock

Product thickness: 1MM (the product comes with self-adhesive)

Size: diameter 50*50CM, (can be installed by custom size)

Uses: Home decoration, creative wall clocks, personalized wall stickers

Material: high quality mirror acrylic material, environmental protection, laser processing

Color: gold, silver, red, black

Battery: Universal 5th carbon battery (battery not included)

Features: Decorative landscaping walls

Designed for living room decor

Living room tv wall decoration

living room decor ACRYLIC CLOCK

Simple installation Nordic minimalist wall clock

Can be pasted according to drawings or customized

minimalist wall clock


Crystal clear three-dimensional crystal-like texture

Made of environmentally friendly acrylic material, delicate workmanship

delicate workmanship


Metal lacquered hands brushed dial

Using metal spray paint technology, precision wire drawing process

Metal lacquered hands brushed dial

living room wall clock

living room wall clock

living room gold wall clock

living room silver wall clock

living room silver color wall clock

Gold 3D Wall Clock

Black 3D Wall Clock

Rad 3D Wall Clock

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