Dog Clock
Frameless Wall Clock
Dog Wall Clock
Different views of Wall Dog Clock
Different views of Dog Wall Clock
Golden color tools of dog clock
Black color dog color
Premium look of dog clock
Dog clock in drawing room

Pet Frameless Giant Wall Dog Clock

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Product Description

Introducing our exquisite Dog Clock—a charming fusion of artistry and functionality that adds a touch of whimsy to your living space. This frameless silent wall clock, crafted with precision and care, is the epitome of contemporary design.

The Dog Clock boasts a Quartz motivity type and a body made from high-quality plastic, ensuring durability and reliability. The acrylic material exudes a modern appeal, making it a perfect fit for your living room. This frameless wall clock’s antique-style features, coupled with a geometric shape, create a striking visual impact.

Available in silver, gold, and black, the Dog Clock is a versatile piece that seamlessly integrates into any decor. The metal piece and silver frameless wall clock, paired with high-end atmospheric clock hands, enhance its aesthetic allure. The product size of 80*125cm, with a self-adjusting size feature, ensures a perfect fit for any wall.

Weighing a mere 450 grams, the Dog Clock features a Taiwan sun high-quality movement, guaranteeing precise timekeeping. Power it with a simple AA size 5 battery (not included) for seamless functionality. The silent wall clock ensures a peaceful ambiance, while the pointer length of 27.5*33.5cm adds to its visual appeal.

Embrace the charm of our Dog Wall Clock—a delightful addition to your home that marries style with silent efficiency. Transform your living space with this unique silent wall clock, where every glance at the clock becomes a moment of artistic pleasure.

Product category: Wall Clock

Type: Dog Wall Clocks

Motivity Type: Quartz

Body Material: PLASTIC

Display Type: Needle

Material: Acrylic

Applicable Placement: Living Room

Feature: Antique Style

Combination: Separates

Shape: Geometric

Form: Single Face

Color: silver / gold / black

Material: metal piece + silver clock + high-end atmospheric clock hand

Product size: 80*125cm; (size self-adjusting)

Weight: 450 grams

Taiwan sun high quality movement;

Use an AA size 5 battery (not included)

Pointer length: 27.5*33.5cm

Dog clock on a wall
Dog clock with sofa
Dog clock in reading room
Dog wall clock in drawing room
Frameless wall clock in drawing room
Silent Wall Clock view in beside balcony
Golden color dog clock in reading room
Golden color silent wall clock with sofa
Frameless Wall Clock look
Dog wall clock on white wall
Black color tools for dog clock
Silver color instrument of dog wall clock
Golden color instrument of Silent Wall Clock

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