Electronic Coffee Scale with Timer
Electronic Coffee Scale with Timer
Electronic Coffee Scale with Timer
Electronic Coffee Scale with Timer
Electronic Coffee Scale with Timer
Electronic Coffee Scale with Timer

Electronic Coffee Scale with Timer

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Product Description

Introducing the Electronic Coffee Scale with Timer – a must-have for coffee aficionados seeking precision and convenience in every brew. This advanced scale, functioning as both a digital scale in grams and professional kitchen scales, stands out as the ultimate Coffee scale and the best weight scale choice for achieving perfection in your coffee-making ritual.

As a digital scale in grams, this electronic marvel ensures meticulous measurements, providing a solid foundation for creating the perfect cup of coffee. Its versatility as both professional kitchen scales and a dedicated Coffee scale allows you to precisely control your coffee-to-water ratios, ensuring consistency and excellence in every brew.

The built-in timer feature on this Electronic Coffee Scale enhances its functionality, making it an invaluable tool for optimizing your brewing process. This scale, serving as both a professional kitchen scale and a Coffee scale, allows you to fine-tune your brewing techniques with precision.

In the world of coffee scales, this Electronic Coffee Scale with Timer emerges as the best weight scale for achieving barista-level accuracy at home. Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or an aspiring barista, the high precision of this scale ensures that you can consistently replicate your favorite brews with meticulous detail.

Invest in the best weight scale for your coffee rituals – choose the Electronic Coffee Scale with Timer. With its accuracy in grams, versatility as professional kitchen scales, and dedicated functionality as a Coffee scale, this device is designed to enhance your brewing routine. Trust in the scale designed for precision – choose the Electronic Coffee Scale with Timer for an exceptional and perfectly timed coffee experience.

Weighing range: 0.1g-2000g

Basic features

1. This product uses high-precision aluminum single-point precision sensor;

2. Material: ABS full plastic bottom shell + transparent plastic surface shell

3. Maximum weighing/indexing value: 5kg/1g mouth 2kg/0.1g M

4. Unit conversion: g; ml, oz, lboz

5. Display: Super clear white LED display

6. Touch screen switch

7. Tare/timing (positive timing countdown) /auto shutdown manual shutdown function

8. Low voltage display, overload display

9. Power supply. 3x AAA battery or 300mAh built-in battery

10. Functions: tare function, timer, auto-zero, manual on/off and auto-off.

11. Timing function (up counting and down counting).

12:Equipped with heat insulation pad.

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