Intelligent Motion Sensor Light Bulb
Intelligent Motion Sensor Light Bulb
Intelligent Motion Sensor Light Bulb
Intelligent Motion Sensor Light Bulb
Intelligent Motion Sensor Light Bulb
Intelligent Motion Sensor Light Bulb
Intelligent Motion Sensor Light Bulb

Intelligent Motion Sensor Light Bulb

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Product Description

Introducing the Intelligent Motion Sensor Light Bulb, the ultimate solution for smart, energy-efficient lighting in your home or office. This innovative motion sensor light bulb automatically illuminates your space when it detects movement, providing convenience and security while saving energy.

Designed for optimal performance, this motion sensor light bulb is perfect for motion sensor light indoor applications. Whether installed in hallways, staircases, closets, or bathrooms, it ensures you never have to fumble for a switch in the dark. The advanced motion-sensing technology detects movement within a range of up to 20 feet, instantly lighting up your path and turning off after a preset period of inactivity, conserving energy.

The Intelligent Motion Sensor Light Bulb features a sleek, modern design that seamlessly integrates into any decor. Its bright, clear light provides excellent visibility, making it ideal for both functional and security purposes. This versatile sensing light is easy to install in any standard light socket, offering a simple upgrade to smart lighting without the need for additional wiring or complicated setups.

Experience the perfect blend of convenience and efficiency with the Intelligent Motion Sensor Light Bulb. This smart bulb is not only practical but also cost-effective, reducing energy consumption and lowering your electricity bills. The durable, long-lasting LEDs ensure reliable performance, providing years of maintenance-free illumination.

Enhance your indoor lighting with the Intelligent Motion Sensor Light Bulb. Ideal for anyone seeking an effective motion sensor light indoor solution, this sensing light delivers unmatched convenience, safety, and energy savings. Illuminate your home intelligently and effortlessly with the motion-activated brilliance of this cutting-edge light bulb.

Additional features: decorations, night lights, atmosphere lights

Product number: DMS-123888

Voltage: ≤ 36V (V)

Lamp shade material: PVC

Switch type: inductive type

Style: Modern and minimalist

Light color: pearl white [three color dimming], piano black [three color dimming]

Light source power: 20CM, 30CM, 40CM, 50CM, 60CM, 80CM, 100CM, 120CM (W)

Power supply method: built-in battery

Design: Ultra thin cat's eye lamp


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