Teapot Kitchen Wall Clock Acrylic
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Acrylic 3D Wall Clock

Teapot Kitchen Wall Clock Acrylic

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Product Description

Elevate your kitchen aesthetics with our stunning KITCHEN WALL CLOCK, available in three sophisticated colors: Black, Silver, and Gold. Crafted with precision from high-quality organic crystal board and 1mm thick acrylic, this 3D Wall Clock promises durability and a smooth, burr-free edge.

Powered by an energy-saving movement, our 3D wall clock recommends using ordinary AA carbon batteries to ensure accurate travel time and an extended service life. The silent sweep second movement ensures a quiet and peaceful ambiance in your kitchen.

Versatile in use, this Acrylic Wall Clock is not just a timepiece but a creative decorative solution. Ideal for the living room, TV background wall, sofa background wall, bedroom, and, of course, your kitchen, this kitchen wall clock adds a touch of innovation to any space.

Its high viscosity and long-lasting colors make it a hassle-free DIY landscaping decoration, enriching your surroundings with beauty and vibrancy. Revitalize your kitchen decor effortlessly with our stylish and functional kitchen wall clock.

Product category: Wall Clock

Product Colors: Black, Silver, Gold

Product Quality: organic crystal board, acrylic products

Battery: This wall clock is an energy-saving movement, please do not use ultra-alkaline high-performance batteries such as Nanfu and Duracell. (Try to use ordinary AA carbon batteries, alkaline batteries will lead to inaccurate travel time and shorten the service life)

Material: Acrylic, thickness 1mm (with self-adhesive), the product edge is smooth without burrs. Silent sweep second movement

Uses: living room background wall, TV background wall, sofa background wall, bedroom background wall, kitchen background wall and other innovative wall decoration products, simple and convenient, random combination, can maintain beautiful colors for a long time, high viscosity, not easy to fall off, rich colors, Business is booming! ! It is an ideal DIY landscaping decoration product, beautiful and durable! Install it to make the space more lively and beautiful.

Teapot Kitchen Wall Clock Acrylic


Teapot Kitchen Wall Clock Acrylic

Teapot Kitchen 3D Wall Clock Acrylic

3D Wall Clock

Acrylic Wall Clock

Acrylic Wall Clock

3D Wall Clock

3D Wall Clock

3D Tea Wall Clock


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