Double-Headed Shoe Cleaning Brush
Double-Headed Shoe Cleaning Brush
Double-Headed Shoe Cleaning Brush
Double-Headed Shoe Cleaning Brush
Double-Headed Shoe Cleaning Brush

Double-Headed Shoe Cleaning Brush

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Product Description

This Double-Headed Shoe Cleaning Brush efficiently removes dirt and grime from all types of shoes. With its sturdy bristles and ergonomic design, it provides a thorough and gentle clean, extending the life of your footwear. Keep your shoes looking like new with this expertly crafted cleaning tool.

shoe brush

Material: plastic

Product size: about 25cm long



Multifunctional double head long handle shoe washing brush

Made of PP material, the design of the double brush head is very user-friendly, and the bristles are flexible and not deformed

Anti-mildew and deodorant, used for daily household cleaning, such as washing machines, windowsills, floors, etc., small and practical


 Two ends, one size fits all, easy to clean

The large brush head washes the surface of the shoe, and the small brush head washes the groove of the sole


 Bow-shaped handle that goes straight to the sole for a clean brush


Large brush head, scrub all kinds of home countertops and walls

Effectively removes stubborn stains without damaging surfaces


Small brush head, it is more convenient to brush various small gaps and grooves

Nylon silk is soft and does not hurt any objects

详情-17.jpgWith hanging holes, it can be hung to dry after cleaning, and it is not easy to breed bacteria


PP handle, polished and smooth without burrs, does not hurt hands详情-22.jpg

Bow-shaped brush handle design, in line with artificial mechanics, comfortable to hold, straight to the sole cleaning



Large brush head, for washing shoe uppers, countertops, etc.                                   

Small brush head, brushing small gaps, grooves, etc.


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