Body Index Electronic Smart Weighing Scale
Body Index Electronic Smart Weighing Scale
Body Index Electronic Smart Weighing Scale
Body Index Electronic Smart Weighing Scale
Body Index Electronic Smart Weighing Scale
Body Index Electronic Smart Weighing Scale
Body Index Electronic Smart Weighing Scale

Body Index Electronic Smart Weighing Scale

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Product Description 

Embark on a smarter fitness journey with the Body Index Electronic Smart Weighing Scale – your gateway to precision health metrics and comprehensive insights. This digital scale in grams surpasses the capabilities of an analog bathroom scale, offering accuracy and convenience while aligning with the excellence of the Health o Meter Professional Scale line.

Key Features:

  • Digital Scale in Grams:
  • The Body Index Electronic Smart Weighing Scale ensures precise weight measurement with its advanced digital scale in grams. Stay on top of your fitness progress with accurate readings, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions about your health.
  • Health o Meter Professional Scale Superiority:
  • Elevate your health tracking experience with the Health o Meter Professional Scale lineage. This smart weighing scale outshines analog bathroom scales, providing superior precision and reliability. Choose the best weight scale to accompany you on your fitness journey.
  • Intelligent Body Index Analysis:
  • Dive deeper into your wellness journey with the Body Index Electronic Smart Weighing Scale's intelligent body index analysis. This feature goes beyond weight measurement, offering insights into your body composition, allowing you to tailor your fitness routine to meet your health objectives.
  • Comprehensive Health Monitoring:
  • Embrace holistic health monitoring with this Health o Meter Professional Scale. Track BMI, body fat percentage, and weight trends over time, empowering you to make well-informed decisions for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Modern Design for Contemporary Living:
  • Blend style and functionality seamlessly with the sleek design of our Body Index Electronic Smart Weighing Scale. Elevate your living space with a modern aesthetic while benefiting from the cutting-edge technology that supports your health and fitness goals.


  • Support up to 10 Family Members
  • 13 body indexes     
  • BMI Reference       
  • Touch button          

Features & Specifications     

Total body fat rate measurement        

Skeletal Muscle Rate measurement      

Body mass index (MBI) measurement      

Muscle measurement   

Moisture measurement   

Subcutaneous fat measurement   

Visceral fat measurement   

Protein measurement   

Calorie measurement   

Bone mass measurement   

Body type measurement   

Normal weight measurement   

Weight without fat measurement   

Body weight measurement     

Tempered Glass Platform: 290mm*260mm*21mm  

Screen size: 67mm*29mm  

Display: LCD display  

High Precision Strain Guage Sensor Technology      

ABS grade plastic materia      

Capacity: 0.2-180kg  

Graduation: 0.1kg      

Minimum Weight measurement:0.2kg     

Number of User:10  

Bathroom products  

Low battery/Overload indicators      

Power Supply: 2 AAA batteries (not included)  

Package list: smart scales + instruction (Battery is not included)  

Applicable places: bedroom, bathroom    










Upgraded Version. 13 Body data

weight, fat rate, muscle, moisture, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, protein, calorie, bone mass, BMI, body type, touch button, mormal weight, weight without fat, power tips.


BMI is fat judgment standard

The same weight of the fat can be 3 times the size of the muscle, irregular diet can cause too much body fat, the more BMI, the more seem fat.

How can know if my MBI is up to standard?

Internationally, BMI is a common physical index of the standard measure of body fat, According to the formula you can easily your BMI index, thus to understand the body fat rate, targeted health activities.

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 With a smart LCD large screen

all data is displayed in english. Can read data clearly


Touch control buttons

Fashion. Convenience


Flimsy body to be perfect

Balance between firmness and lightness after rigorous

calculation. Just like a coin but with stability and firmness




 High quality tempered glass panel. Ensure safety and reliability.




                                Product information

Name: smart bathroom fat scale         Size:290mm*260mm

Screen size: 67mm*29mm                  Weighing range: 5-180kg

Display: LCD display                           Graduation balue: 0.1kg

Snesor: high sensitivity sensor            Battery: 2 AAA batteries(not included) 

Material:tempered glass. ABS             Body index: 13 items

Function: weight measurement.          Other functions: battery display, touch button

fat and moisture measurement.           Suitable place: bedroom, bathroom






It can store physical data of 10 family members.


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