Target Alarm Clock Gun Safe
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Target Black Alarm Clock with Gun
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Black gun alarm clock
Green gun targeted alarm clock

Target Alarm Clock Gun Safe

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Product Description

Discovering the revolutionary Alarm Clock Gun Safe, designed to turn your morning routine into an exciting adventure. Say goodbye to the dread of waking up to a mundane alarm and embrace the thrill of shooting your way into the day with our alarm clock gun safe.

For those who despise early mornings, especially the monotonous ring of a traditional clock, the Gun Safe Alarm Clock is a game-changer. No more fines or criticism for oversleeping – instead, wake up to your favourite tunes or sounds of your choice. Our gun alarm clock even offers an alternative mode, ensuring a gentle reminder if you're still hesitant about rising.

This unique gun safe clock caters to a diverse audience, including lazy risers, avid shooting game enthusiasts, white-collar workers, and trendsetters. Perfect for home parties, the Gun Shot Clock adds a touch of excitement to your mornings as your kids joyfully jump out of bed, shoot the target, and kickstart the day with a smile.

Embrace a dynamic start to your day with the Alarm Clock Gun Safe – the ultimate solution for a fun and punctual wake-up call. Transform your morning routine with this innovative gun safe clock, ensuring you rise and shine with enthusiasm. Experience the thrill of the clock gun safe, setting the tone for a lovely day ahead.


Product Category: Alarm Clock

Material: Plastic

Color: Black, White, green

Power Supply: Clock: 4 x AA battery (not included); Handgun: 2 x AA battery (not included) Or USB(not Included)

Dimensions: Clock: Approx.14.6 x 13.8 x 4.3 cm;

Handgun: 14.4 x 11.5 x 2.2 cm

Weight: Approx. 594g

Package Includes:

1 X Clock

1 X Handgun

1 X English Manual   

Target Alarm Clock Gun Safe
Target Alarm Clock Gun
Green gun with targeted alarm clock

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