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alarm clock which runs away with Moving Wheels
alarm clock running away
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Alarm Clock that Runs Away

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Product Description

Introducing our innovative Alarm Clock that Runs Away, a quirky and fun way to start your day. This unique running alarm clock adds a playful twist to your morning routine, ensuring you're on your feet and ready to conquer the day.

Watch as the alarm clock zips around your bedside table, finding its place to rest within 30 seconds. Perfect for wood floors and most carpets, though we advise against using it on rough or very thick carpets. The adventurous runaway alarm clock occasionally spins when it hits a wall, adding an element of surprise to your wake-up call.

After its energetic run, the alarm continues beeping for 9 minutes or until you intervene. The language of the alarm, coupled with traditional beeps, creates a distinctive wake-up experience with an alarm clock that runs away. Remember to retrieve the alarm from the floor and return it to your nightstand to avoid further escapades.

For a quick time check at night, simply press any key to activate the backlight for 3 seconds. The low battery of our alarm clock that runs away warning ensures you stay on track, flashing in advance to signal it's time for a battery change.

Embrace the whimsy with our Alarm Clock that Runs Away – the perfect blend of entertainment and functionality. Whether you seek an alarm clock running away or a playful running alarm clock, this lively timepiece adds a touch of joy to your mornings. Upgrade your wake-up routine with the alarm clock that keeps you on your toes.

Product Category: Alarm Clock

Product name: An alarm clock that will run

Color box size: 16.5*11.5*11cm

Product size: 13*8.5*8.5cm

Product gross weight: 350 grams

Four AAA batteries need to be prepared by yourself.

Color: yellow/pink/white/black

Alarm Clock that Runs Away
alarm clock which runs away
alarm clock running away

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