Magic Baseboard Buddy Clean Mop
Magic Baseboard Buddy Clean Mop
Magic Baseboard Buddy Clean Mop
Magic Baseboard Buddy Clean Mop
Magic Baseboard Buddy Clean Mop

Magic Baseboard Buddy Clean Mop

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Product Description

Effortlessly clean your baseboards with Magic Baseboard Buddy Clean Mop. Its innovative design helps you reach and remove dirt, dust, and grime from hard-to-reach areas. Experience a thorough cleaning and shine, transforming your space instantly. No more bending or stretching, just a sparkling clean in one swift motion.

Baseboard Buddy Simply Walk And Glide Extendable Microfiber Dust As Seen On Tv


Get your baseboards looking like the day you painted them, but don't break your back scrubbing them sparkling clean. To transform your trim with ease, simply walk and glide your way to clean with the Baseboard Buddy.

As seen on TV, the Baseboard Buddy features a telescopic handle that adjusts to just the right length so you can effortlessly clean your baseboards without bending down and causing back pain. Just hold the handle and let the microfiber cleaning pads to the rest. The super soft pad conforms to the shape of your trim, so it fully cleans ever surface, and can be used dry or wet for a quick clean or a more thorough scrubbing. No more scrubbing on hands and knees, the swivel head of the Baseboard Buddy lets you clean and buff trim at any angle. From baseboards, to door molds and ceiling trim - make easy work of cleaning even the highest spots with the convenient Baseboard Buddy

Simply walk and glide to use

Can be used dry or wet

Microfiber pad conforms to the shape of your baseboards

Telescopic handle adjust for high or low places

Just rinse with water to clean

Flex head design allows you to clean and buff at any angle


Flex head design conforms to your baseboards and moldings without scratching or chipping paint

360 degree swivel action makes cleaning baseboards from any angle possible

Collapsible handle Breaks down for easy storage

Use wet or dry - just rinse and reuse cleaning pad; textured fibers trap dust & lock in dir


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