Sun Clock
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Digital sunrise watch with colorful brightness control.
Multifunctional sun clocks with temperature display.
Colorful sunrise alarm clock, brightness levels.
Sunrise alarm clock

Night Light Clock with Sun Clock Functionality

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Product Description

Introducing our innovative sunrise watch - an exquisite blend of functionality and style that transforms your mornings and evenings. This sun clock simulates a gentle sunrise to awaken you gradually or mimics a soothing sunset to lull you to sleep. The semicircular LED screen and vibrant lights of our sunclock not only make it a stylish addition but also create a visually stunning experience.

With dual alarm sun clock settings, you can personalize wake-up and nap times, offering flexibility to your daily routine. The loud alarm, reaching up to 110 decibels, ensures a prompt start, perfect for both children and deep sleepers. This sunrise watch goes beyond timekeeping, featuring a multi-color changing night light with 11 modes, easily adjustable brightness, and an RGB knob for creating a romantic and soothing atmosphere.

Enhance your sleep experience with the sleep support function, allowing you to set sleep-inducing music and gradually dimming the lights for 15-90 minutes. Perfect for nightstands, nurseries, desks, and ambient lighting needs, this night light clock is a versatile companion.

Sun clocks as a perfect gift of its creative design, USB charging port, and multiple color modes make it ideal for children and adults alike. Embrace the beauty of our sunrise watch—a thoughtful and stylish gift for various occasions.

Product Category: Wall Alarm Clock

Product Name: Wake Up Sun Clock

Product Size: 189x128X42.8mm

Product Weight: about 220g

Adapter: 5V2A (MAX)

USB Output: 5V 2A (MAX)

Battery Type: button battery CR2032/550mAh (only rechargeable)

Operating Temperature: 0 ° C~50 ° C (32 ° F~104 ° F)

Display: LED multi-function display

Clock: time/day/month/week (12/24 hours)

Alarm Clock: intelligent double alarm clock, wake up at sunrise

Night Light: knob stepless dimming

Bedside Lamp: multiple color light and breathing lamp are available

Atmosphere Lamp: various color lights and dynamic color lights are available

Wake up Lamp: sunrise wake-up lamp

Thermometer: Celsius/Fahrenheit adjustable

Product performance description

Product name: The wake-up Bell

Product dimensions 189x128x42.8mm

Product weight :About 220g

Adapters :5V2A(Max(optlonal)

USB output:5V2A(MAX)

Battery type :Button Battery CR2032/550mAh(rechargeable only)

Operating temperature :0℃~50C(32°F~104F)

Display LED:multi-function display screen

Clock :Time/Sun Moon House/week(12/24 hours)

Alarm clock :Intelligent double alarm 

Radio: FM radio In the 88-108 Mhz band(radio only)

Night Light :Knob infinite dimming

Bedside lamp :A variety of color light and breathing lamp optional Atmosphere Lamp A variety of color light and a variety of

dynamic color light optional

Wake-uplight:Sunrise light Thermometers C/F is adjustable

Digital clock with colorful brightness control.

Various lighting modes &Touch control

-Various lighting modes: There are 1 warm light, 6 colors light (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) and 5 dynamic color light.

-3 levels of brightness adjustment(brightness can be turned off .

-Touch button on top, switch light effect conveniently.

Adjustable brightness digital alarm clock.
Colorful light digital alarm clock.
Alarm clock with RGB lighting effects.
Sunrise simulation alarm clock displayed.
Portable charger with USB connection.
Versatile alarm clock with temperature.
Portable charger with USB connection.

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